Professional Printer and Converter of Flexible Packaging

It doesn’t matter what kind of packaging you’re looking for, whether it is pharmaceutical, food, daily chemicals, or something else entirely, Jiangsu Sunkey Packaging Co., Ltd is your one-stop solution. With a focus on consistent improvement of product quality and customers first, we have continuously grown and expanded, improving our production capacities, and in return, as proof of our excellent capabilities, began supplying an array of packaging film for top international companies, including Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Disney, Nestle, Colgate, 3M, Sony, Dow, and Dupont, just to name a few. As added benefits demonstrating our safety and quality, we are certified to top international quality and safety standards, demonstrated by an ISO Quality System Certificate, ISO4001 Environmental Report Certificate, FSSC Food Safety Certificate, HACPP Management System Certificate, and Sony Green Partner Certificate. For more information, please do not hesitate to browse our website, or contact us for more information. Our friendly and professional staff is on hand, ready and willing to work with you for all your packaging needs.