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Custom Flexible Packaging

Sunkey specializes in the creation and production of preformed pouches and roll stock films, particularly with high barrier film laminations. As a professional printer and converter of flexible packaging, we utilize state-of-the-art rotogravure printing, variable data printing, automatic bag production, and solvent-free laminating technology, ensuring we are able to consistently meet changing needs within the packaging industry.

We provide fully integrated packaging solutions for an extensive array of products. Custom printed pouches and custom printed films will meet a diverse range of packaging applications. With the use of our high-speed printing machines, we offer customers gravure printing in up to 12 colors for added product value and decrease labeling costs. Moreover, each of our products can be processed in a variety of structures to meet specific requirements, such as an ultra-tight sealing, food-safe, oxygen barrier, moisture barrier, and more.
Preformed Pouches

We produce pouches made of a variety of roll stock films, allowing us to directly offer our customers preformed pouches. These preformed pouches are able to be quickly used on a variety of customer packaging equipment, such as a premade pouch filling machine. The packaging method is also particularly suitable for diverse product packaging in small batches. According to different packaging requirements, an array of pouch styles are available for customers to choose from.

Roll Stock Film

Sunkey provides a variety of packaging films, including PVC roll films, OPP roll films, PE films, PET films, and multi-layer laminates. Our roll film is often used as FFS film and lidding film for a variety of packaging applications, including horizontal form fill seal (HFFS), vertical form fill seal (VFFS), tray seal, and more. Direct use roll film used for completion of product packaging improves work efficiency and saves packaging costs, thus making it more suited to mass production.

Laminating Film

Sunkey’s laminating films are most often composed of plastic films, aluminizers, aluminum foil and other materials for a high barrier perforamnce and durability. We use a solventless laminating film for food and medical packaging with strict safety requirements, ensuring each film is completely safe for use in packaging materials that come into contact with the human body.

Our multilayer film is used in a variety of packaging equipment, including HFFS machines, VFFS machines, tray sealing machines, and more. Customers can choose a two, three, or four-layer composite structure, and we will use the right materials according to your packaging product characteristics. For example, PET/NY/AL/PE is usually used in common pacakging, while PET/NY/AL/CPP is most often used for high temperature cooking application pacakging.

Kraft Paper Packaging

Kraft paper features the same advantages of flexible plastic packaging, including a non-toxic and odorless structure. In addition, this material is recylable, making it environmentally friendly. Due to the poly coating, kradt paper features a reliable oleophobic and water resistant performance, leading to it gradually becoming the typical pacakging used in snacks, other food, and nuts. We use white or yellow craft paper for the production of customized kraft paper, including poly-coated kraft paper rolls and kraft paper bags.