Markets Films and Bags

We offer a variety of high performance preformed pouches and rollstocks for an extensive array of products. Since 2002, our packaging products have been used across a wide range of industries, including snack foods, meat, dairy products, medicine, and chemical packaging. We have the experience and expertise necessary to assist our customers in choosing the right packaging material for your needs.

Fresh Packaging

Fresh food such as meat, vegetables, and fruit feature a very short preservation period, where packaging quality significantly impacts the preservation period. At Sunkey, according to different packaged product needs, we offer different composite packaging materials, including polyester, aluminum foil and kraft paper.

For example, BOPA/CPP is used for food vacuum packagaing, while high temperature resistant PET is used for pacakging roast chicken to be heated in the oven. We also offer packaging products made of biodegradeable materials for environmentally friendly packaging. According to customer requirements, we also offer customized printing services of up to 12 colors, adding value to any product and saving money typically spend on label printing and application.

Pharmaceutical Packaging

Pharmaceutical packaging requires a high barrier perofmrance, as well as easy visibility, product access, and cost, all of which are taken into consideration when choosing the right pharmaceuitcal pacakging according to your needs.

When choosing the pharmaceutical packaging material, we take into consideration barrier properties, hygienic performance, and physical properties. We usualy use foil, MET-PET or other similar materials, ensuring these packaging materials are applicable to automated large scale production thanks to a reduced production cost. We offer different composite materials, including PET + AL + PE, or cellophane + PE to meet a variety of pacakging equipment needs.

Snack Packaging

Snack packaging is the most common packaging found in daily use, and Sunkey offers snack packaging to household names, including KFC, Disney, Coca Cola, and more.

Choosing the right packaging material depends on the products that need to be packed, and take into consideration the pH, shelf life, and storage temperature. Packaging can then be made according to your needs. Packaging can also be made based on the customer provided sample after testing the material structure and composition. In addition, we will recommend appropriate packaging material for you according to your products and performance.

Coffee Packaging

Coffee packaging bags effectively maintain coffee flavor and freshness. We offer kraft paper packaging bags, foil laminated bags, and other packaging bag types for coffee storage. With an aesthetic appeal and excellent barrier properties, our coffee packaging preserves coffee beans, instant coffee, and similar products for long-term freshness. We have worked with household names, including Nestle, demonstrating the quality of our bags.

Our coffee packaging bags are suitable for a variety of packaging methods, including modified atmosphere packaging, vacuum packaging, and inert gas packaging to meet unique packaging needs.

Tea Packaging

We provide a variety of stand up pouches, roll stock film, and vacuum bags for tea packaging. Our tea packaging bags feature an excellent moisture, oxygen, and UV resistance, ensuring the tea inside retains its aroma, freshness, and flavor. Because tea leaves are delicate, they need to be packed carefully to maintain aroma and flavor, which is why we choose pacakging materials with an excellent mositure resistance, such as aluminum foils and foil laminated films. As too much oxygen in the pacakge will oxidize the tea, we recommend an inert gas packaging and vacuum pacakging. Selection of non-transparent materials is also reccomended for tea packaging in order to avoid oxidation of the chlorophyll and lipids due to UV exposure.

Liquid Packaging

High barrier lamination is a new liquid packaging material, and is widely used for packing milk, other beverages, sauce, and other liquid products. Different from glass bottles and cartons, this flexible plastic packaging is more portable and durable.

We provide a variety of laminating films for liquid packaging. The laminating films feature an excellent oxygen and vapor resistance, protecting the liquid inside against deterioration and leakage, as well as maintaining it’s aroma. We process the roll stock films into spouted stand up pouches, BIB (bag in box), quad seal side gusset bags and other packaging bags to protect the material inside.

Frozen Food Packaging

Freezing and refrigeration significantly slows the growth and reproduction of microorganisms in food storage. However, these two methods often lead to food product weight loss and oxidation, which is why choosing the right materials for frozen food packaging will significantly impact the protection of your frozen food products.

We offer embossed vacuum sealer bags and films in a variety of sizes, made of high strength materials with a high barrier performance to ensure the long-term quality of your food. We also properly increase the proportion of plasticizers to improve the bag mechanical strength, ensuring we offer products that meet all requirements for protection of frozen food to maintain flavor and quality.

Industrial Packaging

Sunkey customizes foil laminated bags in different specifications, ensuring they feature a high barrier performance and load capacity. Common specifications range from 1 to 30kg to meet most industrial packaging applications, including chemical raw materials, medical waste, electronic product packaging, and more.

We also offer antistatic pouches within the electronic industry. This unique, multi-layer pouch effectively isolates the electronic product from an electrostatic field in order to achieve a high protection requirement. We use antistatic ethylene as the inner material in order to improve the pouch’s antistatic performance, ensuring both sides of the foil laminated pouch are static resistant.